The whole Mission neighborhood is a massive public artwork, both sacred and profane, brimming

with graff and goddesses.”                          

                            Carlos Santana   


The Mission District is a hot spot for street art, the largest concentration in the world of public painting that embodies activism, culture, passion, and desire for social change.

Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo, edited by Annice Jacoby [Abrams; June 2009; hardcover] showcases these vibrant works in hundreds of color photographs, with in-depth commentary by the artists who produced them and Mission-savvy writers including a foreword by Grammy Award Winner Carlos Santana.

Birthed in the early 1970s, a provocative new street art scene transformed San Francisco’s legendary Mission District into an art epicenter that crosses popular culture, fine art and political audiences. “Mission Muralismo,” is an ever-growing movement of accomplished street art combining elements of Mexican mural painting, surrealism, pop art, urban punk, eco-warrior, cartoon, and guerilla graffiti that has catapulted many San Francisco artists into the international spotlight.

Featuring over 500 full-color photographs and 30 essays, including artists R. Crumb, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Barry McGee (TWIST), Rigo, and Spain Rodriguez, Street Art San Francisco comprehensively exposes more than three decades of this expansive and vibrant public art movement.

"Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo captures the essence of San Francisco: community, diversity, color, expression. It's a city that belongs to its artists, and this book feels that way too."                  

                                      Shepard Fairey

"Street Art San Francisco:

Mission Muralismo is a voluptuous volume that documents a thousand ways to reconcile Art and Life..."

Craig Baldwin,

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